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It’s been a pretty rough time lately, but on top of the DST adjustment the Sun seems to be here to stay and gone is the every-three-days rain. Yesterday I rode the Bayou Point trail and I was impressed by how a builder can do so much in so little space. They squeezed as many features as possible in a limited surfaced and the result is a very challenging trail that keeps you on your toes, especially through the many switchbacks.


I also liked it because of the fact that is by a big mass of water. The smell of water and pine trees reminded me of the forests of Barcelona and the Costa Brava. It’s amazing how closely tied the olfactory sense and memory are.

All the recent articles in the local press about making Memphis a more bike-friendly city -easy, since it was the last in a recent US wide rank- together with moving to Midtown are making want to get an urban bike and looks that the Cannondale Bad Boy has no competition:

Muddy Stanky

I couldn’t wait to go out fully geared at last. I hit the White trail in stanky Creek for the first time and, although it was muddy as hell and almost went down a handful of times, still had a blast.



… and after during!


And while I was cleaning the bike I was listening to the soundtrack of Life Cycles and drinking a delicious beer.

Quick Update

Not much going on lately. I’ve been feeling under the shitty Memphis weather and when I recovered from something, I felt sick again. And that has been one for two months SO FAR.

At least the big news is that THE package has been delivered. When I bought my bicycle my parents sent all my gear from home and, instead of the advertised 6-day delivery time, it took the Spanish postal service two fucking months because the lost the package between Barcelona and Madrid, a 300 mile ride.

Anyway, here it is. I’m hoping to ride again on Saturday, if the antibiotics don’t make my tendons to tear up.



Last chance before the ice rolls in.

Not that it’s been warm, but it’s supposed to freeze every day of the long weekend. So I ran home after work to get changed, assemble the rack, load the bike and head to Shelby Farms before dusk.

Here’s a pic the beast took of the beauty: a 2010 Cannondale Rize one twenty three

Here she is in the wild

Good thing is that, although I haven’t been exercising often due to a nasty back injury, I manage to increase my pace by a bit every time I hit the trails. At the same time I realized that I’m afraid I’ll need to bleed the rear Hayes Stroker Ryde brake (lever and power are awful) and true the front wheel. The damm thing started wobbling in a paved downhill as soon as I let go off the bars.

The shipping saga is still on and the Spanish Postal Service hasn’t tracked the package with all my bike gear and insist they’ll find it. My guess is that some sucker read the label and though my stuff would look great under the tree.

Another set of two wheels

Last weekend, after three years without riding the trails I took the new ride to one of the most popular, if not the most as far as I know, mountain bike rides in Memphis, the Tour de Wolf.

Like you would expect is almost flat and the maximum elevation is 101ft (30m). The overall elevation is zero because it’s a loop. Still, it has some short steep slopes that came very helpful to get the feel of the bike and kick in the muscle memory.

I thought I would be dead after the first lap, but instead I felt more pumped up, as it had been just a warm up lap. Here’s the track of the second lap:


I was soooo happy to be back on the woods, if only there was more climbing….



I’m waiting for my gear to be delivered from home, thanks to my parents for send it, and I’m already planning to hit the Syllamo trails in Mountain View, AR. I’m going to take a few days straight when it gets warmer and ride the area on the bicycle, the motorcycle and the car.