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Last chance before the ice rolls in.

Not that it’s been warm, but it’s supposed to freeze every day of the long weekend. So I ran home after work to get changed, assemble the rack, load the bike and head to Shelby Farms before dusk.

Here’s a pic the beast took of the beauty: a 2010 Cannondale Rize one twenty three

Here she is in the wild

Good thing is that, although I haven’t been exercising often due to a nasty back injury, I manage to increase my pace by a bit every time I hit the trails. At the same time I realized that I’m afraid I’ll need to bleed the rear Hayes Stroker Ryde brake (lever and power are awful) and true the front wheel. The damm thing started wobbling in a paved downhill as soon as I let go off the bars.

The shipping saga is still on and the Spanish Postal Service hasn’t tracked the package with all my bike gear and insist they’ll find it. My guess is that some sucker read the label and though my stuff would look great under the tree.