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Another set of two wheels

Last weekend, after three years without riding the trails I took the new ride to one of the most popular, if not the most as far as I know, mountain bike rides in Memphis, the Tour de Wolf.

Like you would expect is almost flat and the maximum elevation is 101ft (30m). The overall elevation is zero because it’s a loop. Still, it has some short steep slopes that came very helpful to get the feel of the bike and kick in the muscle memory.

I thought I would be dead after the first lap, but instead I felt more pumped up, as it had been just a warm up lap. Here’s the track of the second lap:


I was soooo happy to be back on the woods, if only there was more climbing….



I’m waiting for my gear to be delivered from home, thanks to my parents for send it, and I’m already planning to hit the Syllamo trails in Mountain View, AR. I’m going to take a few days straight when it gets warmer and ride the area on the bicycle, the motorcycle and the car.