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It’s been a pretty rough time lately, but on top of the DST adjustment the Sun seems to be here to stay and gone is the every-three-days rain. Yesterday I rode the Bayou Point trail and I was impressed by how a builder can do so much in so little space. They squeezed as many features as possible in a limited surfaced and the result is a very challenging trail that keeps you on your toes, especially through the many switchbacks.


I also liked it because of the fact that is by a big mass of water. The smell of water and pine trees reminded me of the forests of Barcelona and the Costa Brava. It’s amazing how closely tied the olfactory sense and memory are.

All the recent articles in the local press about making Memphis a more bike-friendly city -easy, since it was the last in a recent US wide rank- together with moving to Midtown are making want to get an urban bike and looks that the Cannondale Bad Boy has no competition: